Sustainable hunting

Sustainable hunting

In order to optimally manage the reserve’s grazing grounds, the number of game is controlled via seasonal, sustainable hunting.

Our antelope species on the reserve include:  Kudu, springbuck, gemsbuck, blesbuck, eland, redhartebeest, common duiker, Burchell’s zebra, klipspringer, steenbuck, giraffe, ostrich, grey rhebuck, roan, sable, blue wildebeest & waterbuck.

Bow hunting
The many dry riverbeds with accompanying shrub create areas ideally suited for bow hunting.

Our two experienced guides both hold their professional hunter (PH) licenses and are committed to ethical hunting practices.

The Reserve has a 300m shooting range to hone your skills and for technical adjustments.  Game drive vehicles can be used at an extra cost.  The reserve has a fully equipped, operational farm butchery.

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