Excessive splendor as the succulent Karoo blooms into color

succulent Karoo

biomes2006What a blessing to see Groot Sleutelfontein bloom into abundant happiness each year!  The startling view when fields of purple exuberance cover the veldt, remains a highlight on the reserve.  Suddenly it seems as as if the hardship of long months in this arid region are suddenly outwitted, and Life finds a way to move forward, regardless.

The Succulent Karoo Biome is primarily determined by the presence of low winter rainfall and extreme summer aridity.  Rainfall varies between 20 and 290 mm per year.  Because the rains are cyclonic, and not due to thunderstorms, the erosive power is far less than that of the summer rainfall biomes.  During summer, temperatures in excess of 40°C are common.

The vegetation of the Succelent Karoo is dominated by dwarf, succulent shrubs, of which the Vygies (Mesembryanthemaceae) and Stonecrops (Crassulaceae) are particularly prominent.  Mass flowering displays of annuals (mainly Daisies Asteraceae) occur in spring, as can be seen here at Groot Sleutelfontein.

We are thankful for this annual display on the reserve, and hope you will be visiting us for the colorful season soon!



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