Well known game farmer Wiaan van der Linde at Groot Sleutelfontein




Wiaan van der Linde and Groot Sleutelfontein owner Johan Meyer

We have been privileged to recently have our friend and fellow game farmer, Wiaan van der Linde, at Groot Sleutelfontein Game Reserve.  Wiaan was heading the capturing and relocation of new species on the reserve, and his skill, passion and expertise has been commendable.

In the game industry Wiaan needs no introduction. He is the owner of Wintershoek Safaris and in 2012 WRSA made him the Game Farmer of the year. In the same year Safari Club International (SCI) ranked his business, WB Safari Company, one of the world’s top 250 safari destinations. Wiaan has in-depth knowledge and experience of the complete game industry value chain.

Wiaan also is a shareholder of Wildswinkel. Wildswinkel offers a large variety of quality game available for sale with their online game listing system.  They make it possible to view all game on offer and to search for the game you need.  They also provide support services in the form of ethical capture, handling and transportation of game, as well as veterinary services.  In this regards we have been privileged to have Dr Emma Rambert here to make sure all veterinary aspects go according to plan.

Having Wiaan and the Wintershoek team here on the reserve has been an insightful experience and we appreciate the camaraderie and exchange of support with others in the field.  We wish him and his team many successful years to come!



Wiaan van der Linde at Groot Sleutelfontein


Dr Emma Rambert, Johan Meyer and sons, and Wiaan van der Linde




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